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NJS Tour

30 Jul

Here’s something i stumbled upon while video browsing in the tube. It definitely got my attention. How lucky it would be to tour Japan & be able to visit all those frame builders. Who knows maybe could score 1 or 2 frames


Manja Sunday

25 Jul

Our very first picnic ride in putra jaya! Thanks to the ‘hello UK, bye KL’ Joe Aliff. Butterscotch loafs, kaya bread, pisang goreng aka banana fritters, keladi goreng, some chip & plenty of fizzy sodas. Too bad nobody brought teh o panas or kopi panas.


12 Jul

When : 10 July 2010

Where : Malacca

To crew to thank : Local boys Harufixed

We enjoyed : Alleycat around Malacca (more like a Rombongan Sambil Belajar tapi berbasikal)

Track Stand comp

Skid Stop comp (test parking !!!!!)

Sprint test (Who says “plus size” can’t sprint, Show ’em Pacha!!!)

and here are some piccies..

Hit the jump for more pics:

Cycling Nation part 1

Cycling Nation part 2

Tee Time

8 Jul

Heads up y’all !!!

This just came in….. ORGASH tee for your sweeeeeeeet (or ketak-ketak) body


Cycling Nation @ Malacca

6 Jul

Jom, let’s go!!!!!