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The Custom Bicycle

27 Sep

Stumble upon this e-book while browsing or some stuff today. Apparently it’s a good read as it helps a lot in terms or riding, determining stem length etc. Read it, keep it….if you’re serious about cycling comfortably. Click the image below to dowload the pdf.


Do the GRAFA

26 Sep

GRAFA, KL’s very own fixed gear shop is now in business. No longer shall we pay shipping fees for parts & Vittoria tires (will be in soon). More skids then ey!

The shop is located in SS15, Subang Jaya (nearby Wheel Love). Housing new & used parts…and even food & drinks.

Look ’em up.

Rainy Saturday……

26 Sep

Me, Arel & Ray decided to go for a quick smoky Saturday evening ride but unfortunately it rained & rained …..& rained.

RatsKL x Wild Dogs Brigade Photoshoot

22 Sep

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Here are some shots for the collabo tee.  Hope to see the tee in some pedal action shots soon…

One Less Bike

14 Sep

Farewell Joe Alif…we sure gonna miss you bud.

RIDE CHAOS Tee now available

14 Sep

Ride Chaos tee is now available…get them today.  RM45 excluding shipping.

Contact Aby at 017-6831974

DVS Keirin

7 Sep

Take a pick !!!