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Check Out That Skid….

29 Oct

Pay attention to minute 0:43 !!!!!


Frame oh Frame …more frames

28 Oct

2 more frames to let go!

And this time its a Team Raleigh in black & a Viner in silver

Drop a line to Bam @ if you’re interested.



27 Oct

This would be the ultimate superbrand of cycling….



26 Oct

Found this on ebay, seems like a good buy if you’re into modern pursuit frames & if you’re a very tall person.


here’s the link:

Simply Beautiful

20 Oct


Check out that crazy lugged head tube…..sweeet!

Frames oh frames

18 Oct

We’ve 4 frames to let go.

1. 50cm Levant

2. 53cm Zeus

3. 55cm Sannow

4. 55cm Zunow Z1 pursuit frame



Drop us a hola-hola if you’re interested.

Pursuit Frame for Sale

14 Oct

Here’s one pursuit frame in-store.

According to the owner its a Rossin Olympic 88 but i couldn’t find any Rossin mark on the frame. After hours & hours of googling i came across Zunow in Chari & Co’s website. The frame geometry is almost similar to this frame & that got me thinking whether this frame is a Zunow or a Rossin as claimed by the owner who happens to be an ex-cyclist.

Seat tube is 55cm (C – T) / Campagnolo track end / Tange Japan BB (Optional) / 650c fork or 700c fork (choose) / No dents or dings / Minor rust (will soon gone!)




Here are some Rossin pictures that look quite similar..

And here are some pictures of Zunow..