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Pic Of the Day Yo!

21 Dec

Saw this on Tokyofixed blog. It would be a dream to see this in KL.


Paint Job

30 Mar

Dunwan to get down and dirty sanding and painting your  frame? Call Caitie Splat Job

We’ve “tried” her service & she’s quite a-ok! Tak percaya? Ask Zack.


She can be contacted at 015-67891011 or book her on-line at

Pick Of The Day

19 Mar

Pertandingan Meneka Gambar Lady Riders

19 Mar

Apa yg tidak kena? Sila sms jawapan anda ke 3886 untuk memenangi parts basikal bernilai RM8,000.00

Pertandingan ini ditaja oleh Sos Cili Bawang Putih Kampung Koh.

Sos Cili Bawang Putih Kampung Koh – pasti menitiskan air mata!

Our Office Securities

8 Mar

These 3 ladies has done such wonderful job keeping our secet organization HQ safe from segala anasir- anasir jahat.