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12 Jul

When : 10 July 2010

Where : Malacca

To crew to thank : Local boys Harufixed

We enjoyed : Alleycat around Malacca (more like a Rombongan Sambil Belajar tapi berbasikal)

Track Stand comp

Skid Stop comp (test parking !!!!!)

Sprint test (Who says “plus size” can’t sprint, Show ’em Pacha!!!)

and here are some piccies..

Hit the jump for more pics:

Cycling Nation part 1

Cycling Nation part 2


Friday Night Sprint Race

30 Jun

Let’s do this y’all!!!

The route : Sogo traffic light – Dataran traffic light (Approximately 500m)

Rules : Sprint like a bitch!

The catch : RM2 to enter, winner tapau all the pool money

Time : 3am (When the road is clear ha ha ha)

Do take note this race is yet to be confirmed so stay tuned for update.


Siapakah Dia?

10 May

Siapakah dia jejaka sepeda,

Sepeda kuning bersepatu  vans era,

Mimpi grill dataran merdeka asyik melanda…

oh siapakah dia…

oh jejaka sepeda..

Battle Royal – Round 1

22 Mar