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28 Dec

Saw this pic on Ride  The Black Line. Love that frame…don’t cha?



1988 Pursuit Race

24 Nov

Loving this vid!!


Pirelli Keirin 1984

24 Nov

1984 Keirin in Leichester.  Classic!



ps:  Steel is Real

Asian Games Velo Vids

22 Nov

Found these vids over the tube..





Nation’s Pride

22 Nov

Way to go Azizul “The Pocket Rocket”. We’re proud of you!!!


Check Out That Skid….

29 Oct

Pay attention to minute 0:43 !!!!!


12 Jul

When : 10 July 2010

Where : Malacca

To crew to thank : Local boys Harufixed

We enjoyed : Alleycat around Malacca (more like a Rombongan Sambil Belajar tapi berbasikal)

Track Stand comp

Skid Stop comp (test parking !!!!!)

Sprint test (Who says “plus size” can’t sprint, Show ’em Pacha!!!)

and here are some piccies..

Hit the jump for more pics:

Cycling Nation part 1

Cycling Nation part 2