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Selamat Beraya

26 Aug

Selamat Hari Raya to all!

Ride safe, Drive Safe





1 Aug

Ok I’m helping a friend to promote this. This hillside resort is giving away FREE HOLIDAY. All you have to do to win the holiday is simply by clicking ‘attending’ & Like their page…that’s it..

Here’s the link for more info



the journey to T.O.S

10 Dec

Here’s some snips of what the kids have been doing before T.O.S tomorrow.


1. Training….


2. Lepaking mengingati Joe Alif


3. More training


4. Lepak again


5……and finally on the way to T.O.S



Friday Nite Ride

19 Nov

It’s that time of the week again! Some of us choose to party while some choose to lepak and some will choose to cycle. Cycle to de-stress, cycle to keep fit, cycle ‘coz don’t wanna spend the hard earned money on clubbing.

Tour Of Singapore 2010

15 Nov

It’s around the corner guys… on the image for more info

Happy Ramadhan!

11 Aug

we wish u a Happy Ramadhan.emmm….god bless u.

NJS Tour

30 Jul

Here’s something i stumbled upon while video browsing in the tube. It definitely got my attention. How lucky it would be to tour Japan & be able to visit all those frame builders. Who knows maybe could score 1 or 2 frames