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Vigorelli or Viaorelli?

12 Jan

Saw this on-line today. Kinda bummed me out thinking there are fake frames out there. First there was a fake leader then fake geekhouse and now a cinelli vigorelli, localized to viaorelli.

Here’s the link: ¬†Vigorelli or VIAORELLI


Friday Night Sprint Race

30 Jun

Let’s do this y’all!!!

The route : Sogo traffic light – Dataran traffic light (Approximately 500m)

Rules : Sprint like a bitch!

The catch : RM2 to enter, winner tapau all the pool money

Time : 3am (When the road is clear ha ha ha)

Do take note this race is yet to be confirmed so stay tuned for update.


Pick Of The Day

28 May


WTF ???

18 May

Got this from the stats as of 3.54pm today.

Look at the one is RED.

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
fixed gear girl 4
bianchi pista for sale 2
pista condotti vs. pista 2
fixie chicks 1
ride of silence kuala lumpur 1
bianchi condotti 1
bikes fixed 1
velodrome 1
+gay +bicycle +rider 1

WTF ????

Ha ha ha…seriously?