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Recognize This Frame?

16 Feb

This mad pursuit frame has finally been built up & serving its new owner in Bandung. I’ll post more pictures of the build once i have ’em with me.


Ride safe Yoga!



Vigorelli or Viaorelli?

12 Jan

Saw this on-line today. Kinda bummed me out thinking there are fake frames out there. First there was a fake leader then fake geekhouse and now a cinelli vigorelli, localized to viaorelli.

Here’s the link:  Vigorelli or VIAORELLI

Soljah’s New Pet

10 Jan

After taking too much time lepaking Soljah Apiz is making a come back with his new toy – a Bridgestone beater for his daily beating.

Ride safe Soljah!

More Keirin

28 Dec

Just love this vid….


Drop bar & Stem

28 Dec

Having options on handlebar is do come in handy especially if you’re an all-rounder cyclist; urban, long distance, bla bla bla. I guess most of us favored to ride comfortably with riser bar in the early days. Over time we’ll switch to bullhorns & drop bars. Yes drop bars, the classic handlebar.


Even big shouldered Keirin riders trust these bars

Personally…drop bars only look best when paired with quill stems be it nitto, cinelli etc etc.  Then you have the option to either go with aluminum or steel stem and aluminum or cro-mo or steel bars. Here are cost comparison to consider:

Al bar + Al stem:
$152 (approx RM471)

Cr-Mo bar + Cr-Mo stem:
$196 (approx RM607)

Al bar + Cr-Mo stem:
$230 (approx RM713)

Cr-Mo bar + Al stem:
$118 (approx RM366)

so what’s your pick?


28 Dec

Saw this pic on Ride  The Black Line. Love that frame…don’t cha?


Pic Of the Day Yo!

21 Dec

Saw this on Tokyofixed blog. It would be a dream to see this in KL.